What Authorities Say About Tick Control

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For ease of reference, simply follow the guidelines already provided by the highest authority. There is more than likely no higher authority more qualified than the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The CDC also advises that tick-borne diseases are on the increase within the nation’s borders. Also on the increase is lyme disease. In order to create what is known as a tick-safe zone, commercial and residential tick control pensacola initiatives should be influenced by these guidelines.

In this short note, the focus areas are the yard and the public to private use botanic or recreational gardens. Particularly for commercial and public enterprises, the best piece of advice that could be given at this time is to make full use of professional services. Private or residential property owners can, by all means carry out these tasks of own accord. This assumes the property is small enough to be managed fully.

Beginning in the garden space, leaf litter needs to be removed. Tall grass and brush located around homes and at the edge of lawns should be removed as well. A three-feet wide barrier could be placed between lawns and wooded areas. These barriers can be made up of wood chips or gravel. Lawns need to be mowed on a regular basis as well. Particularly in the commercial space, wood needs to be stacked neatly in a dry area.

Whether public or domestic, playground equipment should be kept away from yard edges and trees. So too decks and patios. By constructing fences, unwelcome animals such as stray dogs, even deer, can be discouraged from entering a yard space. Quite possibly the most important ground rule to be laid down is the regular and sustainable removal of trash from the premises.